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In, the objective is to level up your spaceship by shooting asteroids, players, and other space matter. By doing so, you will receive items that can be used to upgrade your ship, purchase special abilities at shops, or create a customizable space base. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to play the game effectively and develop a winning strategy.


To pilot your spaceship, click and hold the left mouse button. Press and hold the space bar to shoot. When near shops, press S to open the shop menu, and when near a planet, press J to land on it. When landed on a planet, there are various hotkeys available for different actions:
  • Press the space bar to take off from the planet.
  • Press T to place a turret on the planet.
  • Press M to place a mine.
  • Press L to place a landing pad, which claims the planet.
  • Press S to place a shield.

General Gameplay

The main objective is to shoot asteroids, players, and other space matter to gather resources. To collect resources, press and hold the space bar. Once you have enough resources, return to your planet to upgrade your spaceship or build and upgrade structures.

The hive located in the center of the map can be controlled by obtaining the crown item. If you control the hive, you can place spawners on it, which spawn minions. Additionally, all minions in the world will become friendly. However, controlling the hive comes with a downside as everyone can see your location on the map.

Creating Additional Bases

To create additional bases, you need to claim planets by placing a landing pad on them. Once a planet is claimed, you can build mines, turrets, electricity, satellites, and a shield on it. Utilize these structures strategically to defend and expand your territory.


Shops play a crucial role in enhancing your spaceship's abilities. At the shops, you can purchase extra abilities such as ship turrets that automatically shoot nearby players, speed boost for temporary acceleration, temporary invisibility, and bullet penetration, which allows your spaceship bullets to go through multiple objects and damage each one. Strategy

To succeed in the game, it is important to use your resources wisely. Finding the right balance between upgrading your spaceship and investing in base structures is key. Bases can be advantageous because if you get killed, you will respawn at your base, allowing for a quicker recovery and continued gameplay.

Develop a strategy that suits your playstyle. Some players may choose to focus on upgrading their spaceship's firepower, while others may prioritize building a strong defense with turrets and shields. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of different strategies and adapt to the changing dynamics of the game.

Additionally, communication and teamwork can greatly improve your chances of success. Coordinate with other players to establish alliances or form teams to dominate the competition.

In conclusion, is an immersive multiplayer game that combines shooting, resource gathering, and base-building elements. By following the controls and strategies outlined in this article, you will be well-equipped to navigate the game and achieve victory. Remember, always utilize your resources wisely and adapt your strategy to stay ahead of the competition. Good luck, and may the stars shine in your favor!