IO Games A Unique Twist on Classic Chess

Chess has been a beloved game for centuries, challenging players to strategize and outsmart their opponents. But what if we told you there's a new twist on this classic game? Introducing, an exciting many player turn-based strategy game that takes the traditional chess game to a whole new level.

Getting Started with

To dive into the world of, all you need to do is join the game and start playing! If you encounter any difficulties accessing the game, try a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl F5 in Chrome or Ctrl Shift F5 in Firefox to clear the old version from your cache.

Exploring the Game Interface

Once you're inside, you'll notice a few key features that enhance your gaming experience. You can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or the + and - keys on your keyboard. To navigate the board, you can pan using the arrow keys or simply click and drag. The game menu can be accessed by pressing the Escape key.

Rules with a Twist

The rules of closely resemble those of traditional chess, but with a few intriguing exceptions. Instead of a normal turn, each player has 25 seconds to make their move. Pawns are omnidirectional, allowing them to move in any direction but still only able to capture diagonally.

Bishops have a unique ability that lets them move horizontally or vertically one square, but they can only use this ability once per piece. In, you don't have to make a move like you do in real chess – simply not moving is a valid strategy. Checkmate doesn't result in an automatic loss; you must capture the opponent's king or have your own king taken to defeat a player.

One of the most exciting aspects of is the ability to grow a powerful army. When you capture an opponent's king, you acquire all the pieces that the king once ruled over, allowing you to expand your forces and dominate the game.

During your turn, you can make a minimum of four moves, each with a separate piece, and up to a maximum of 16 moves. You earn an extra move for every four pieces you acquire beyond the initial 16.

En Passant and Castling, commonly seen in traditional chess, are not part of Additionally, pawns cannot be promoted in this game due to the distance of the board's edge and the availability of acquiring new pieces through other means.

Understanding the Turn Clock and Scoring

At the top of the screen, you'll find the turn clock, which cycles between black and white. When it's white, the light-colored pieces can move, and when it's dark, the darker pieces can move. Be cautious when attempting to make a last-minute move, as your pieces may be knocked off the board when the opposing team starts moving.

In terms of scoring, offers a unique points system. Capturing a king is worth 100 points plus an additional 100 points for the captured piece. Queens are worth 50 points, bishops 25 points, rooks 30 points, knights 20 points, and pawns 10 points.

Players also earn 1 point per turn if they manage to survive until the end of that turn.

Distinguishing Teams and Movement Mechanics

When you join, you'll be assigned to either the black or white team. However, your pieces will be given a random color to differentiate you and other players. One team has a brushed metal appearance, while the other has an alabaster-like appearance, making it easy to tell them apart.

Moving your pieces in is simple. Just click on the piece you want to move, and if it's your turn and the piece hasn't already moved, all the available squares where it can move will light up. Click on a highlighted tile to make your move, or click anywhere else to deselect the piece.

Future Plans and Support

Although is a new project, the developer plans to add exciting features based on player feedback and engagement. Expect upcoming additions such as statistics and user accounts, allowing you to track your progress and explore interesting game-related data.

If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, you can reach out to the developer at Additionally, the game has been fully tested and works seamlessly on Chrome and Chrome on Android devices.

Embark on a Adventure offers a refreshing take on the classic game of chess, inviting players to strategize, adapt, and conquer. With its unique rules, captivating gameplay, and the potential to build a formidable army, is bound to provide hours of entertainment for chess enthusiasts and strategy game lovers alike. Join the game today and experience the thrill of for yourself!