IO Games is an exciting and unique io game that takes the traditional 2D gameplay and transforms it into a thrilling 3D environment with 360-degree movement. In this eat-to-grow game, your goal is to consume colorful orbs floating in space to increase your size. However, what sets apart is the introduction of a new Drain mechanic, allowing smaller spheres to drain mass from larger ones when they get close. This adds a strategic element to the gameplay as you need to carefully approach larger players to maximize your mass gain without getting eaten.

To help you navigate this immersive world, provides visual cues to distinguish between players that can eat you and those you can eat. Players that pose a threat are highlighted with a red outline and Danger text, making it easier to stay safe. On the other hand, players that you can consume are outlined in green, accompanied by Can eat text next to their names.

In addition to the Drain mechanic, offers a Speed Boost feature that allows you to activate a temporary burst of speed. However, be cautious as using the Speed Boost drains your mass. It's best to utilize short and accurate boosts to avoid shrinking too quickly.

To control your sphere, you only need to use your mouse. Moving your mouse steers your sphere in the direction of your cursor. Initially, the 360-degree movement might feel unfamiliar, but with practice, you'll become accustomed to it. To maintain a straight flight path, simply center your mouse on your sphere.

The left mouse button or the 'W' key triggers the Speed Boost, granting you a significant increase in speed. However, the longer you hold the button, the faster your mass decreases. Finding the right balance between speed and mass preservation is crucial.

On the other hand, holding the right mouse button or the 'S' key allows you to stop and hold your position while still being able to look around. This can be useful for surveying the environment or strategizing your next move.

To help you succeed in, here are some essential tips:
  1. Drain mass from larger spheres by flying as close to them as possible. The closer you get, the more mass you can drain. However, always prioritize your safety and be mindful of potential threats.
  2. Anticipate the trajectory of target spheres and intercept them with a well-timed speed boost. Cutting them off is often more effective than simply chasing behind them.
  3. Follow a food chain curve to gain size early on. This means starting by consuming smaller orbs and gradually moving up to larger ones.
  4. If you find yourself being chased by another player, orbiting close to a large sphere can be a clever tactic to evade capture. It's challenging for opponents to capture you in this position.
  5. To climb the high score leaderboard, focus on continuous growth. Don't hesitate to trade mass for speed boosts and then regain it by consuming orbs.
By following these tips and mastering the controls, you can aim for the top of the Daily High Scores in Immerse yourself in the thrilling gameplay and enjoy the unique perspective that this game offers.