IO Games is an exciting free-for-all strategy io game that brings a unique concept to the table. In this game, your weapon of choice is an ax, and your goal is to kill as many players as possible to level up and become the ultimate ax-wielding warrior.

To play, you need to control your character using the mouse. Move around the arena to collect axes scattered throughout the map. These axes are your primary weapons, and you can pick them up by simply touching them. The more axes you have, the more powerful you become.

To attack your enemies, you can either use the space bar or the left click of your mouse. Aim at your opponents and throw your axes to eliminate them. It's important to use your axes wisely and strategically to maximize your kill count.

In situations where you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies, you can use the right click of your mouse or press the W key to dash away. This dash ability allows you to quickly escape dangerous situations and regroup before launching another attack.

As you progress and eliminate more players, you will level up. Leveling up grants you additional slots to carry more axes, making you even deadlier on the battlefield. With more axes at your disposal, you can take on multiple opponents simultaneously and increase your chances of survival.

One key strategy to keep in mind while playing is to fill your rage bar. As you attack and eliminate enemies, your rage bar fills up. Once it's full, you can activate the rage mode, becoming even more powerful and deadly. In this mode, it's advisable to target the top scorers on the leaderboard to gain a significant advantage. is an addictive and fast-paced io game that challenges your strategic thinking and reflexes. With its unique concept of using axes as weapons, it offers a refreshing and exhilarating gameplay experience. So, grab your ax, join the arena, and show off your skills in!