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Some turrets have a longer range, while others have a higher damage output. Consider the placement of your turrets strategically to cover as much ground as possible and maximize their effectiveness.

Don't forget to upgrade your base regularly. Upgrading your base will increase its health and provide additional benefits such as increased gold production and stronger turrets.

In addition to turrets, consider building other defensive structures such as mines and walls. Mines will generate additional gold income, allowing you to upgrade your base and turrets faster. Walls, on the other hand, will act as a barrier between the zombies and your towers, giving your turrets more time to take them down.

Team up with friends to create a larger base, but be aware that more zombies will spawn when you're in a party. Communicate with your friends to ensure that everyone is contributing to the defense and that your base is well-coordinated.

Harvest nearby resources, such as stone and wood, to begin building towers. These resources are essential for constructing and upgrading your base, so make sure to gather them regularly.

During the night, waves of zombies will spawn and attack your base. Be prepared for each wave and constantly monitor your defenses. Upgrade your turrets, repair damaged structures, and replace destroyed ones to keep your base strong and functional.

As you survive more nights, you will earn score points. Aim to reach wave 100 and beyond to challenge yourself and test your defensive skills.

Overall, is an exciting tower-defense game that requires strategic planning, resource management, and quick thinking. With its unique blend of Minecraft and zombies, it offers a thrilling and addictive gameplay experience. So gather your friends, build a strong base, and see how many nights you can survive against the relentless waves of zombies. Good luck!