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In, players take control of a worm and navigate through a map filled with gems. The objective is to eat as many gems as possible to grow bigger, while avoiding collisions with other worms.

One unique aspect of is the introduction of shooting mechanics. Players can shoot one shot per second in the direction their worm is facing. The shots become bigger, more powerful, and travel further as the worm grows in size.

Shooting other players can push them away, giving players an advantage in avoiding collisions. However, when players get killed, they drop all of their gems on the map, making it beneficial for other players to collect them.

To increase their chances of survival and success, players can use the boost ability. Boosting allows the worm to move quickly for 5 seconds, helping them escape dangerous situations or catch other worms. It is important to note that boosting does not cost any gems, but it has a 5-second cooldown.

When playing, it is advisable to avoid head-on collisions, as they pose a 50 percent risk of getting killed. Instead, players can shoot smaller worms into a collection of other worms to cause maximum destruction. Additionally, using the minimap can help players see their position relative to their friends, enabling them to team up effectively.

Taking advantage of the smaller turning radius when the worm is small can also help players outmaneuver larger worms. Cooperation with other small worms can also be beneficial in taming down bigger worms.

In terms of customization, offers a variety of options. Players can change the color of their worm, select whether they want stripes or one solid color, and even change the skin of the worm. There are eight available skins, some of which have special tail designs. Hats and crowns can also be selected in the skin menu.

Furthermore, players can use flags to represent their country, favorite YouTuber, or any meme they like. All flags can be used with all other customization options. However, crowns can only be selected if the player has earned them. To unlock crowns, players must place in the top 10 on their server. The top 10 receives a bronze crown, top 5 receives silver, top 3 receives gold, and the top player receives a bigger gold crown with a diamond.

Overall, offers a unique twist to the popular Slither-style io games. With its shooting mechanics, customization options, and strategic gameplay, it provides an engaging and entertaining experience for players. So, jump into the world of and prove your skills as a shooting worm!