IO Games is an addictive and exciting IO game that challenges players to lead a tribe of tiny people in a hostile sandbox environment. In this game, you don't have direct control over your minions, but instead, they automatically react to the environment if they have the necessary equipment to perform actions such as hunting or cutting wood. Your role as the leader is to buy new upgrades and assign them to your minions to increase their chances of survival.

To begin playing, start by grabbing the totem, which serves as your main tool to move your minions around the map. By holding onto the totem and moving it towards an object, your minions will automatically interact with it, provided they have the proper equipment.

One of the essential tools in the game is the bow, which allows your minions to hunt animals for food. With the bow equipped, your minions will seek out nearby animals and engage in hunting. Hunting is crucial for survival, as it provides your tribe with a sustainable source of food.

Another important tool is the axe, which grants your minions the ability to cut down trees. Trees are vital for gathering resources such as wood, which is required to construct buildings and create new tools. With the axe equipped, your minions will automatically approach trees and chop them down, providing you with valuable resources for your tribe's development.

It's important to note that each action requires specific equipment. For example, fishing requires a fishing rod, mining requires a pickaxe, and so on. By purchasing new upgrades, you can unlock additional equipment and assign them to your minions, expanding their capabilities and increasing their chances of survival.

As you progress in the game, you'll encounter various challenges and obstacles. Hostile creatures and rival tribes may pose a threat to your tribe's survival, so you must strategize and make wise decisions to protect your minions. Upgrading your minions with better weapons and armor can help them defend against enemy attacks.

Additionally, the game features a comprehensive manual/tutorial that provides detailed information on gameplay mechanics, controls, and strategies. It's highly recommended to check out the manual before diving into the game, as it will help you grasp the intricacies of and maximize your chances of success.

In conclusion, is an engaging IO game that offers a unique and challenging experience. Leading a tribe of tiny people in a hostile sandbox requires strategic thinking, resource management, and careful decision-making. By equipping your minions with the right tools and upgrading their abilities, you can guide them towards survival and prosperity. So grab your totem, explore the sandbox, and embark on an exciting journey in!