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Unfair Mazes

Unfair Mazes

Unfair Mazes: A Multiplayer Turn-Based Puzzle Strategy Game

Unfair Mazes is an exciting IO game that combines puzzle-solving and strategic thinking. In this game, you can play against other players in a two or four player mode. However, if no one else is available online, you can still enjoy the game by playing against bots in the Single Player mode. The objective is simple: navigate your player piece through the maze and reach the goal at the opposite corner before your opponent does.

The gameplay in Unfair Mazes revolves around making smart moves and utilizing different game mechanics to outmaneuver your opponents. On your turn, you are allowed to make two moves, or more if you have saved moves from a previous turn. However, each move comes at a cost, whether it is rotating a wall, advancing, or advancing an opponent.

Rotating walls is a crucial aspect of the game. By clicking on a wall, you can rotate it to create a path towards your goal. However, you cannot rotate a wall if it is occupied by any player. There are two types of walls in the game: passageways and diagonals. When a vertical passageway is rotated, it becomes a horizontal passageway, and vice versa. On the other hand, rotating a diagonal wall will move its ends to the opposite corners of the cell.

Advancing is another key move in Unfair Mazes. The direction of your player piece is indicated by the direction it is pointing at. By advancing, your player piece moves to the next cell and indicates the side it will be exiting from. However, the exit direction is determined by the configuration of the walls in the cell. If the exit is blocked, you stay in the cell, but your exit direction changes to the side you entered from.

Advancing an opponent can be a strategic move to inconvenience them and divert them away from their goal. If an opponent is on your cell or any of the eight surrounding cells, you can advance them. This move can often play a crucial role in securing victory, as players will likely have to cross paths with each other on most boards.

To save moves for future turns, you can end your turn early. You can save up to 10 moves, and at the end of your turn, you receive two additional moves for your next turn. This allows your opponents to see how many moves you have saved, adding an element of anticipation and strategy to the game. However, keep in mind that your turn ends automatically when all moves have been used.

In some cases, when it becomes clear that reaching your goal before your opponent is impossible, you have the option to resign from the game early. This can be a strategic decision to prevent your opponent from gaining additional moves or to conserve your remaining moves for a future game.

Timing is crucial in Unfair Mazes, as you have 20 seconds to make a move. The timer resets each time a move is made. If you fail to make a move within the time limit, your turn will end, but your moves will be saved for your next turn.

The game ends when the first player successfully reaches their goal. Alternatively, if all opponents have resigned and you are the last player remaining, you win. Lastly, if all players have saved 10 moves each, the game ends without a winner.

Strategy plays a vital role in Unfair Mazes. The decisions you make depend on your starting position and the randomly generated board. Some boards may be more challenging or unbalanced, but every board is still possible to complete. If you encounter a difficult board, consider sabotaging your opponents by getting close to them and advancing them in the wrong direction. Saving your moves for a final dash to the goal or strategically crossing your opponent's path before they can cross yours are also viable strategies.

In conclusion, Unfair Mazes is an engaging multiplayer turn-based puzzle strategy game that requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and adaptability. With its unique mechanics and challenging gameplay, it offers hours of fun and excitement. So, put your puzzle-solving skills to the test, outsmart your opponents, and enjoy the thrilling world of Unfair Mazes. Good luck and have fun!