IO Games A Stealth-Based Shooter Game with Exciting Powerups and Intense Gameplay is an exhilarating IO game that combines top-down gameplay with stealth mechanics and strategic shooting. In this article, we will explore the unique features of, including its gameplay, controls, strategies, bot levels, powerups, and map events.

Gameplay is played in rounds, where players must hide in the crowd of decoys and strike at unsuspecting opponents. The game offers a wide variety of powerups and stage hazards that players can use to outwit and outstealth their opponents. Each game can range from tense 1v1 battles to epic 8-player arenas.


The controls in are simple and intuitive. Players can move their character by left-clicking, shoot by right-clicking or pressing Q, and activate powerups using the spacebar or the W key.

Bullets and Shooting

At the start of the game, players are equipped with 10 bullets. The bullets recharge slowly over time when players are not shooting. However, it's important to note that shooting will reveal your position to all your enemies. Strategic use of bullets is crucial for success in

Decoys and Real Players

Every 35 seconds, all real players in the game will be highlighted, along with 3 decoys. It's interesting to note that even if there are more players in the game, exactly 3 decoys will always be highlighted. This adds an element of uncertainty and makes it challenging for players to differentiate between real players and decoys.

Killing Real Players

If a player manages to kill a real player, their range will be increased, indicated by their range ring getting larger. This allows players to target enemies from a greater distance. When a player dies, their name will grey out in the upper left corner. The round ends when all other players are dead, and the first player to win four rounds wins the match.


In, hiding in a 1v1 situation is usually the better choice, as it allows players to remain undetected. However, in larger games, playing more aggressively can often be a successful strategy. Players can try to pick off opponents near powerups and then grab them for themselves. Getting a kill and using a stealth powerup to fade back into the crowd is an effective tactic. Prioritizing combat powerups like shotguns and rapid fire can give players a significant advantage.

Bots features bots that have been designed to play like real players and provide a fun and challenging experience. The bots never cheat and only remember what players do on the screen. There are five different bot levels, each with increasing decision-making abilities, shooting accuracy, and memory for enemy locations.

Powerups and Map Events offers a variety of powerups and map events that add excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay. Powerups include stealth powerups like Invis, Decoy, Teleport, and Blackout, as well as combat powerups like Shield, Range, Shotgun, Radar Shots, Rapid Fire, Speed, Reveal, and Super Poison Shot. These powerups can be strategically used to gain an advantage over opponents.

Map events in include Reveal Threats, Powerups, Death Zone, Mini Death Zone, Scan Bar, Invis Field, and Walls Close In. These events create dynamic and ever-changing gameplay scenarios that keep players on their toes.

Conclusion is a thrilling IO game that combines stealth-based shooting with powerups and intense gameplay. With its unique features like hiding in crowds, strategic shooting, and the use of powerups and map events, offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Whether you prefer playing stealthily or aggressively, provides endless opportunities for strategic gameplay and intense battles.