IO Games is an exciting and challenging IO game that will take you back to the retro-blip animation style. In this game, you control a cube in a world of shapes and your objective is to survive and become the top player on the leaderboard. To do this, you must seek out other shapes and add them to your own mass, and then seek and destroy smaller shapes.

One important strategy to keep in mind is that each battle you engage in will cost you the average of your blocks and the opposing player's blocks when you consume them. Therefore, it is crucial to choose your victims wisely and always pick on someone smaller than you. This will ensure that you maximize your gains while minimizing your losses.

In order to survive and outsmart other players, you can make judicious use of the boost power-up. By pressing the left mouse button, you can activate the boost, which allows you to speed away from potential attacks or catch smaller players off guard. However, it is important to note that the boost has its own power bar, which will deplete as you use it. Once depleted, it will slowly recharge at half the speed. Therefore, it is important to use the boost strategically and manage your resources effectively. is an experimental game that has been designed to be as fun as possible while adhering to certain constraints. The game uses no music, no sound effects, and no feature creep. It also only utilizes one art asset, the Tetrad block piece. This minimalist approach gives the game a unique aesthetic and a simple twist on how the player grows. Instead of an ever-expanding circular cell, you have the freedom to strategize your chunk of blocks into any shape you desire.

To control your cube in the game, you will use your mouse. Similar to the game Slither, the player moves in the direction of the mouse pointer. Additionally, the mouse button can be used to trigger a temporary speed boost, which can be useful for evading attacks or initiating surprise attacks.

The basic instructions for playing are as follows:
  1. Your core body block will move in the direction of your mouse pointer.
  2. Click your mouse button to activate the speed boost. Keep in mind that using the boost consumes boost power, which refills faster when you have a smaller body.
  3. Travel around the arena and attach Tetrad pieces to your body for protection. These pieces will help defend you against enemy attacks.
  4. If an enemy Tetrad piece touches you, you will be eliminated from the game.
  5. Use your boost strategically to ram into other players, destroy their defenses, and strike at their core body.
  6. Be creative and strategic in designing your body shape. There are multiple ways to construct your body to effectively take out other players.
In summary, is a free IO game that offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience. With its retro-blip animation style and minimalist design, it provides a refreshing twist on the IO genre. With the right strategy and skillful use of the boost power-up, you can dominate the leaderboard and emerge as the top player in this exciting world of shapes.