IO Games A Unique Fantasy RPG Experience

Welcome to the thrilling world of, a one-of-a-kind martial arts-themed multiplayer action and exploratory RPG game. In this free-to-play fantasy RPG, players have the opportunity to become rich and powerful by honing their skills, completing quests, and ultimately slaying their enemies. With its top-down, 2D quest format, Tae Kwon 2 offers a captivating gaming experience that combines skill-building, resource gathering, and strategic combat.


To navigate through the game, players can use either the WASD or Arrow keys for unit movement. The mouse allows for aim and use actions, while the left click initiates these actions. The B key opens the shop, which is only accessible in the DOJO area. The N key opens the upgrades menu for selected items, and the Z key allows for interactions when prompted. To pick up items, players can use the E key, and to drop selected items, the G key is used. By pressing the C key, players can auto-use selected items until stopped, either by another click or by pressing the F key. The H key opens the help menu, and the numbers 1-6 or clicking on the slot selects items in the hotbar. Finally, players can drag items to or from the backpack to the inventory for use.

How to Play

In, the primary objective is to sharpen your Taekwondo skills in a martial arts/fantasy-themed multiplayer setting. Players can earn experience points (XP) by training in the DOJO and slaying enemies. Gold, on the other hand, can only be obtained by defeating enemies during quests, which can be initiated at the bottom of the DOJO area. It is important to deposit your Gold to your bank at an ATM before embarking on a quest, as 50% of your cash Gold will be lost upon death.

To enhance your combat abilities, visit the SHOP/UPGRADE area where you can purchase and upgrade weapons, armor, potions, and other essential items. While the options may be limited in the shop, you can discover rare items of varying rarities, from common to epic, in quest chests that spawn every 3 minutes. The difficulty level of the quest determines the magnitude of the reward.

For those seeking a challenge, the PVP ARENA is the place to be. Engage in combat with other players in this designated player versus player zone. It is worth noting that offers nearly 20 collectible items, including weapons, armor, and potions, which can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Additionally, if you prefer a more relaxed approach, you can play the game AFK using the auto-use feature in the training area.

Other Information

To keep the game fresh and exciting, a new quest and item are introduced weekly. All the art featured in is either self-made by the game artist or provided for free by the parent platform, This ensures a unique and visually appealing gaming experience.

In conclusion, offers players a captivating and immersive fantasy RPG experience. With its martial arts theme, multiplayer action, and exploratory RPG elements, the game provides endless opportunities for skill-building, wealth accumulation, and epic battles. So, step into this one-of-a-kind world and unleash your inner warrior in!