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SuperCTF: The Ultimate Multiplayer Capture the Flag MOBA Shooter

Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of SuperCTF? This action-packed multiplayer game combines the intense gameplay of capture the flag with the strategic elements of a MOBA shooter. Gather your friends and prepare for exhilarating battles as you work together to capture the enemy's flag while defending your own!

Choose Your Playstyle

SuperCTF offers a wide variety of options to suit your playstyle. Players can select from multiple classes, each with its own unique set of abilities and utilities. Whether you prefer to be a stealthy infiltrator, a heavy-hitting tank, or a nimble sniper, there's a class for everyone. Experiment with different combinations of guns, abilities, and utilities to find the perfect loadout that suits your playstyle and complements your team's strategy.

Dynamic and Diverse Maps

SuperCTF features a range of diverse maps, each with its own unique layout and challenges. These maps are not just static battlegrounds - they are dynamic environments that change and evolve as the game progresses. To make things even more interesting, special powerups are scattered across the maps, providing players with temporary boosts or advantages. These powerups add an extra layer of strategy as teams fight to control key areas of the map to gain the upper hand.

Casual or Competitive, the Choice is Yours

SuperCTF caters to both casual and competitive players. If you're looking for a casual gaming experience, you can enjoy the game at your own pace, experimenting with different strategies and loadouts. However, if you're craving a more intense challenge, SuperCTF offers a ranked leaderboard system that showcases the top 80 players in the game. This constantly updated leaderboard is based on an MMR-based ELO system, ensuring that every match is a true test of skill and competition.

Join the Community

SuperCTF is a game that thrives on community involvement. The entire game is a compilation of suggestions and feedback from players who have joined the official SuperCTF Discord server. By joining the Discord community, you can get involved in shaping the future of the game. Share your ideas, report bugs, and discuss strategies with fellow players. Additionally, the Discord server hosts weekly get-togethers for big games of 4v4 and other exciting events. If you're looking for a group to play with or want to experience the game to its fullest, the SuperCTF Discord is the place to be.

Accessibility and Controls

SuperCTF is designed to be accessible to players on various platforms. While the game is primarily played with a keyboard and mouse, it is fully functional on laptops with touchpads. Additionally, SuperCTF is also supported on mobile devices, although it is recommended to play on a computer for the best experience.

Prepare for Epic Battles in SuperCTF

Are you ready to join the ranks of SuperCTF players and experience the ultimate multiplayer capture the flag MOBA shooter? Unleash your strategic prowess, coordinate with your teammates, and dominate the battlefield. With its diverse maps, multitude of class options, and engaging gameplay, SuperCTF offers endless hours of thrilling entertainment. So, gather your friends, join the Discord community, and get ready for adrenaline-pumping action like never before!