IO Games is an exciting and addictive battle royale game that will put your skills and tactics to the test. Created by the same developers as, this game offers a unique twist with extra cool features.

The objective of is simple - start with a small cell and absorb smaller randomly generated cells around the map to grow in size. Similar to, you can absorb anything smaller than yourself, including other players. However, be cautious as you can also be absorbed by larger cells. To cover more map area, you have the ability to split into multiple smaller cells.

One of the key features of is the ability to play alone or with friends in different game modes. There are four game modes to choose from: FFA, Dual, MegaSplit, and Instant.

In FFA (Free for All), you cannot team up with anyone as it will activate the anti-team system. This mode is perfect for players who enjoy the challenge of going solo.

MegaSplit mode offers a unique twist where you can split into 64 pieces, feed faster, and perform solo tricks. In this mode, you can team up with your friends to dominate the game.

Instant mode is a popular choice among players, where merging is faster compared to other game modes. While teaming is allowed, most players prefer to play solo in this mode.

Dual mode adds an interesting dynamic to the gameplay. By pressing TAB, you can spawn another cell, allowing you to team up with yourself using two cells. This strategic advantage can help you dominate the game.

To control your cell in, you can use your mouse to move around the map. Press space to split, feed with the W key, double split with the Q key, and split into maximum pieces with the T key. If you prefer different controls, you can always customize them in the Controls Panel located on the right side of the main panel. was created by the same developers who brought us popular games like Ixagar, Dual Agar, and Senpai Agar. They have merged all their games into one to create the perfect Agario Type Battle Royale game.

So, whether you choose to go solo or team up with friends, offers endless hours of fun and excitement. Will you be able to reach the top and become the largest cell around? Jump into the game and find out!