IO Games is an action-packed multiplayer robot battle game that offers fast-paced gameplay and exciting 3D destruction. In this article, we will explore the rules of the game, provide tips on how to play effectively, and offer strategies to dominate the battlefield.

To start playing, you need to access the game on a desktop platform. Currently, it is not available on mobile devices. Once you join the game, you will control a robot and become a part of one of the four teams, which are distinguished by nickname color. The main objective is to help your team gain control over the five capture points scattered across the map while engaging in intense battles with enemy robots.

To earn experience points (XP) in, you can either eliminate enemy robots or capture the designated points on the map. These XP points can be spent on purchasing useful upgrades to enhance your robot's abilities and increase your chances of success.

In order to navigate the battlefield, you can use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your robot. The mouse cursor is used for aiming, while the left and right mouse buttons control your robot's left and right weapons, respectively. Additionally, pressing the Space key allows you to activate a sprint, while the Shift key activates a shield to protect yourself from enemy attacks. To access the shop menu, press the B key, and if you wish to make adjustments to the sound, fullscreen, or quality settings, press the Esc key.

Now let's dive into some useful tips that will help you excel in
  1. Don't forget to repair: Damaged robots can be repaired in small repair cabins located at the corners of the map. Make sure to visit these cabins whenever your robot's health is low to keep yourself in the battle for longer.
  2. Don't forget to buy upgrades: As you earn XP, spend it wisely on purchasing upgrades from the shop menu. These upgrades can significantly improve your robot's firepower, speed, and durability, giving you an edge over your opponents.
  3. Don't forget to use both weapons: Your robot is equipped with both left and right weapons. Utilize both of them simultaneously to maximize your damage output and eliminate enemies more efficiently.
  4. Experiment with different weapons: offers a variety of weapons to choose from. Take the time to experiment with different combinations to find the ones that suit your playstyle the best. Each weapon has its unique strengths and weaknesses, so finding the right balance is crucial.
  5. Shotgun tactics: The shotgun weapon is more effective when used at close range. Get up close to your enemies to unleash devastating damage and take them out quickly.
  6. Master the art of grenade throws: Grenades in bounce off walls, allowing for indirect kills. Use this feature strategically to surprise and eliminate enemies who are hiding behind cover.
  7. Utilize the flamethrower: The flamethrower weapon creates small fires around it, which can ignite any robot that comes into contact with them. Be cautious not to walk into your own fire, but use it to slow down enemies and create chaos on the battlefield.
  8. Be mindful of self-damage: Certain weapons, such as rocket launchers and grenades, can cause damage to yourself if not used carefully. Pay attention to your surroundings and avoid being caught in the blast radius of your own explosions.
  9. /ol> By following these tips and strategies, you will be well-equipped to dominate the world of Remember to continuously improve your robot's abilities through upgrades, adapt your playstyle to different situations, and work together with your team to secure victory in this exhilarating multiplayer robot battle game.