IO Games

Stealth and careful planning are key strategies in Each action you take in the game creates noise, which attracts zombies. To survive and progress in the game, you need to balance your actions and minimize the noise you make.

One of the main aspects of is the building system. Building fortifications like walls and placing traps and turrets is crucial to defend yourself against the hordes of zombies. The B or E key opens the building menu, allowing you to select and place various defensive structures. It is important to strategically position these structures to maximize their effectiveness.

In addition to building fortifications, you can also transform objects into valuable resources that can be used for building. This adds an element of resource management to the game, requiring you to carefully consider which objects to transform and when to do so.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter Apocalypses starting from level 3. During an Apocalypse, a large number of zombies will be out to get you. This increases the difficulty and adds a sense of urgency to the game. It is important to be prepared and have sufficient defenses in place before encountering an Apocalypse.

Another strategy in is to be stealthy. The less movement and attacking you do, the fewer zombies you will attract. This means that sometimes it is better to avoid unnecessary confrontations and focus on stealthily navigating through the game world.

In terms of controls, is played with the default controls for a top-down shooter. You can move your character using the WASD keys, and the character will turn towards the mouse cursor. Left mouse click shoots, while the right mouse button activates melee, which can knock down zombies and give you some breathing space.

Overall, is a unique zombie survival game that combines the mechanics of noise and the apocalypse. Building fortifications, managing resources, and employing stealth are key strategies to survive and progress in the game. So gear up, plan your defenses, and make calculated moves to outsmart the zombies in