IO Games A Guide to City Survival and Growth is a unique and immersive city survival game that offers players the opportunity to grow, age, and rebirth. In order to survive in this challenging world, players must engage in various activities such as sleeping, eating, having fun, and even going to the toilet. The ultimate goal is to find a job, buy buildings, and secure a worthy successor to continue your legacy. This article will provide you with useful information and strategies to excel in
  1. Master the Controls:
    The arrow keys or WASD can be used to navigate your character within the game. Left-clicking allows you to hit objects or interact with them. E or SPACE is used for further interactions, while right-clicking can be used to delete items. Pressing M will open the map, which can be helpful to navigate through the city.
  2. Prioritize Your Basic Needs:
    In order to maintain your character's well-being, it is essential to fulfill their basic needs. Sleep in a bed to ensure a good night's rest. Investing in a higher-quality bed will result in better sleep, ultimately boosting your character's overall performance. To satisfy your hunger, you can purchase food from distributors, supermarkets, or even search for it in the trash. Some food items have special effects that can enhance your abilities. Additionally, improving your mood is crucial, and this can be achieved through activities such as dancing, consuming medicine or food, or simply buying new clothes.
  3. Earn Money:
    Money plays a vital role in as it allows you to progress and thrive in the city. There are several ways to earn money within the game. You can work on a computer, search the roads for loose change, or even engage in combat with other players to collect their wealth. Once you have accumulated enough funds, consider investing in buildings. Owning a building enables you to earn commissions every second. Whenever someone purchases something from your building, you receive a monetary reward.
  4. Upgrade Your Skills:
    To continuously progress and improve your character, it is essential to invest in skill upgrades. Each year, you have the opportunity to enhance various aspects of your character, including computing, trading, strength, speed, inventory, search ability, mood, food, sleep quality, and even toilet efficiency. Choose the skills that align with your desired gameplay style and objectives. Strategic skill improvements will greatly benefit your character's overall performance.
  5. Secure a Successor:
    In, death is inevitable. However, before your character's demise, it is crucial to secure a successor from a nursery. The successor will continue your legacy and carry on your progress. The cost of acquiring a successor is determined by their skills and abilities. The more skilled and capable the successor, the higher the price tag. Therefore, it is advisable to accumulate enough wealth to afford a worthy successor who can continue your journey effectively.
In conclusion, offers an exciting and challenging city survival experience. By prioritizing your character's basic needs, earning money through various means, upgrading your skills strategically, and securing a capable successor, you can thrive and excel in this unique IO game. Embrace the immersive gameplay, explore the city, and strive to create a lasting legacy in