IO Games A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Queen Bee is a captivating top-down real-time game that puts you in control of a queen honey bee. Your mission is to build a thriving hive, lay eggs, and assign tasks to your worker bees. From foraging flowers for nectar and pollen to defending against enemy wasps, this game offers a unique and immersive experience. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to play and share some valuable tips to help you dominate the game.

How to Play

  1. Movement: You can control the queen bee by pressing and holding the desired location on the screen or by using the arrow keys to navigate.
  2. Building a Hive: To establish your hive, click on the New Hive button (Hotkey: 2). Select a suitable location and watch your hive grow as your worker bees start constructing it.
  3. Laying Eggs: Select a hive cell by clicking on it and use the Lay Egg button (Hotkey: 3) to place eggs. These eggs will eventually hatch into worker bees.
  4. Foraging: Assign worker bees to forage flowers for nectar and pollen. They will collect these resources and bring them back to the hive.
  5. Nursing: Worker bees also gather collected pollen bee bread and feed it to the larva, facilitating their transition into fully grown workers.
  6. Building: By consuming honey, worker bees can construct new cells within the hive, expanding its capacity.
  7. Defense: Use the Attack button (Hotkey: 4) to activate alarm pheromones, signaling your worker bees to defend the hive against rival bees, mites, and wasps.
  8. Dealing with Varroa Mites: Varroa mites are parasitic insects that attach themselves to your worker bees and can harm your brood. Nurse bees will groom mites off other workers, and you can also use the Attack command to eliminate nearby mites.
  9. Account Creation: In the main menu, click Login to create an account. Enter a new email and password, and you'll be able to track your progress and purchase new playable bee species and skins using honey.
  10. Honey Management: Click Eat Honey to add honey to your account. Honey can be used to unlock different bee species and skins, such as bumble bees, cat bees, violet bees, or blue bees.

Useful Tips for

  1. Solo Mode: Start the game in solo mode and play against AI-controlled bumble bees. Observe and learn from their strategies to enhance your gameplay.
  2. Protect Your Brood: Pupae that hatch into worker bees belong to the nearest queen at the time of their birth. Ensure you defend your hive against invading queens and be prepared when rival queens are about to hatch their workers.
  3. Utilize Bee Bread: Pollen brought back to your hive is transformed into bee bread. Bee bread is then fed to the larva, accelerating their growth into adult workers.
  4. Strategic Hive Placement: Maximize your worker bees' pollen collection by positioning new hives on top of flowers. This will reduce travel time and increase productivity.
  5. Swarm Mode: Before initiating an attack using alarm pheromones, gather your workers together by enabling Swarm mode. This will ensure a more coordinated assault.
  6. Wasp Defense: Activate attack mode when wasps are present. Your workers will only engage in combat if you have toggled them to attack.
  7. Mite Management: Do not allow mites to infiltrate your hive. They pose a threat to your brood and will reproduce if left unchecked. Push them away and utilize the attack command to swiftly eliminate them.
By following these gameplay strategies and tips, you will be well-equipped to conquer Develop a thriving hive, protect your brood, and defend against rival bees and other threats to establish yourself as the ultimate queen bee. Good luck, and happy gaming!