IO Games

In, a tower-defense game set in medieval times, your goal is to assemble the biggest army ever and conquer the land. To do so, you need to collect gold, build houses, and protect them with towers.

Movement in is controlled by your mouse. Use it to navigate through the map and explore different areas. As you move, keep an eye out for gold, which is essential for your progression in the game.

To collect gold, simply touch it with your army. The more gold you gather, the more soldiers you can buy or houses you can build. Increasing your population limit is crucial as it allows you to recruit more powerful units.

To build houses, press the E key. Houses generate food for your army, enabling you to increase your population limit. The more houses you have, the faster your population grows. This, in turn, allows you to recruit a larger army.

However, building houses alone is not enough. You also need to protect them from enemy attacks. To do so, press the R key to construct towers. Towers act as defensive structures, guarding your houses from enemy units. Place them strategically to cover as much area as possible.

Once you have enough resources, it's time to recruit your soldiers. Press the corresponding keys to select your desired units. Choose between soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, or even a powerful dragon. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, so plan your army composition accordingly.

Soldiers are your basic units, suitable for early game encounters. Knights are more powerful, with higher health and damage. Archers excel at long-range attacks, while barbarians are tough melee fighters. Finally, the dragon is a fearsome creature capable of devastating enemy forces.

In, strategy is key to victory. Plan your moves carefully, considering both offense and defense. Keep an eye on your resources, balance your army composition, and always be prepared for enemy attacks.

Remember, pressing the space bar allows you to split your army. This can be useful for flanking enemies or defending multiple locations simultaneously. Additionally, the Esc key allows you to sacrifice a portion of your army in a suicide attack, which can be a strategic move in certain situations.

Conquer the medieval land in by assembling the biggest army and dominating your opponents. Gather gold, build houses, recruit soldiers, and protect your assets with towers. Develop a winning strategy and become the ultimate lord in this exciting IO game. Good luck!