IO Games is an exciting multiplayer tower defense game that takes place in a medieval world filled with kings, lords, and wizards. In this game, your goal is to build the biggest army, conquer new territories, and expand your kingdom to unlock the best heroes.

One of the new features in is the HEROES system. Each hero has special powers that can turn the tide of battle. Unlocking and utilizing these heroes strategically can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Another new addition to the game is the introduction of cavalry units. These fast and powerful units can be recruited from the Stable. Adding cavalry units to your army can help you quickly maneuver around the map and launch devastating attacks on your enemies.

To support your army, offers a wide variety of buildings to unlock. These buildings include the Academy for mages, the Monster Den for dragons, and the Forge for unit upgrades. Each building plays a vital role in strengthening your army and giving you an edge in battle.

One crucial aspect of defending your base in is the ability to build walls. Walls act as a protective barrier, keeping enemy players from easily breaching your defenses. By strategically placing walls around your base, you can create chokepoints that force your opponents to go through a gauntlet of defenses.

The game also introduces an advanced formation system. This system allows you to position your soldiers within your army strategically. For example, you can place your archers in the center of your army to protect your hero or position them on the outskirts for increased range. Experimenting with different formations can help you find the perfect balance for your army.

In, destroying other players' buildings is a key way to earn gold and victory points. Accumulating enough victory points will unlock new territories in the Conquest Mode, allowing you to expand your kingdom even further.

In terms of controls, offers both keyboard and mouse controls. You can use W, A, S, D, or the mouse for movement. Clicking anywhere will attack the nearest building, while clicking on a specific building will target it directly. The E key or right-click can be used to activate special powers, and the spacebar allows you to split your army.

Other useful controls include B for the build menu, U for the units menu, F for the formation menu, Y for the unit upgrades menu, and V for the rewarded videos menu. The C key allows you to change formations, M displays the mini-map, and L shows the leaderboard. Additionally, pressing Enter opens the chat, and the Escape key pauses the game.

In summary, is an immersive and strategic IO game that offers a unique tower defense experience set in a medieval world. With its new heroes, cavalry units, buildings, formation system, and other features, the game provides plenty of depth and excitement for players looking to conquer new territories and expand their kingdoms.