IO Games The Ultimate Online Multiplayer Space Shooter Game

Welcome to the exciting world of, the free iogame that takes gaming to new heights. In this online multiplayer space shooter game, you will assume the role of a skilled space fighter pilot, fighting for your team against players from all around the globe. Brace yourself for intense battles, as other players attempt to shoot you down and claim victory. offers various game modes to suit your preferences. You can engage in free-for-all (FFA) matches, where it's every pilot for themselves, or you can create private matches to team up with your friends. Simply send them the match link and assemble a formidable team to dominate the galaxy.

Each ship in is equipped with a powerful laser, allowing you to engage in thrilling combat against both players and AI opponents, such as patrols guarding stations. However, the key to success lies in obtaining better weapons. Powerups regularly spawn throughout space, and by shooting them, you can equip yourself with superior armaments.

Let's take a closer look at some of the powerups available in
  1. Missiles: Upon acquiring this powerup, you will be armed with multiple space missiles. These missiles automatically track and target enemies, ensuring that they never attack your own team.
  2. Shield: With this powerup, not only will your shield recover from damage, but you will also receive an additional shield that provides double the protection against lasers and missiles. This extra layer of defense can be a game-changer in intense battles.
  3. Boost: Activate this powerup, and your ship's speed will be doubled until it gets destroyed. Take advantage of this boost to escape tricky dogfights or pursue other players with relentless speed.
  4. Space Bomb: The most devastating weapon at your disposal, the space bomb has the potential to damage or even destroy every enemy ship within its blast radius. Drop the bomb and make a swift exit, as it explodes within seconds. Beware of its massive green blast and evacuate the area promptly.
  5. Taser: If you're chasing a group of elusive players, the front-facing taser is your best friend. It emits powerful lightning bolts forward, capable of hitting multiple enemy ships simultaneously. However, keep in mind that the taser is most effective at close range.
  6. Deflector Shield: When you find yourself being pursued, trapped in a dogfight, or facing an incoming missile, activate the red deflector shield. This shield offers temporary protection from anything approaching you. Beware, though, as other players may also employ this technology to defend themselves.
Mastering the controls in is essential for achieving success. Here are the basic controls:
  • W/A/S/D: Control your ship's movement.
  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot your primary laser weapon.
  • Right Mouse Button: Use secondary weapons obtained from powerups.
  • Scroll Wheel: Change weapons (or use number keys as an alternative).
  • Press Scroll Wheel: Look around, which proves particularly useful in dogfights.
  • Shift: Slow down your ship's speed.
  • Space: Activate a temporary boost for a few seconds (obtain powerups to increase your boost duration).
  • Enter: Access the in-game chat feature.
To make the most of your experience, create an account to save your progress. Completing matches will earn you XP, allowing you to progress through various ranks. These ranks are displayed next to your name, showcasing your skill and dedication. Aim to reach the highest ranks and establish yourself as the ultimate space pilot. The ranks you can achieve include:
  • Recruit (your initial rank).
  • Spaceman.
  • Senior Spaceman.
  • Sergeant.
  • Senior Sergeant.
  • Master Sergeant.
  • Senior Master Sergeant.
  • Lieutenant.
  • Senior Lieutenant.
  • Commander.
  • Senior Commander.
  • Captain.
  • Major.
  • Senior Major.
  • Colonel.
  • Senior Colonel.
  • Brigadier General.
  • Major General.
  • Lieutenant General.
  • General.
  • Senior General.
  • Grand General.
Are you ready to prove your superiority in the vastness of space? Join today and show your friends how skilled you are in piloting spaceships. Engage in epic battles, acquire powerful weapons, and rise through the ranks to become a legendary space commander. The galaxy awaits your arrival!