IO Games is an addictive and action-packed 2D dogfighting game that offers players a thrilling experience. In this game, the objective is to collect energy orbs scattered around the map to grow in power and size. As you progress and reach certain milestones, your field of view expands, and you become a target for other players.

To control your ship in, you will be using your keyboard. The left and right arrow keys, as well as the W and D keys, allow you to rotate your ship in the respective directions. The up arrow key and W key fire your thrusters, while the down arrow key and S key enable reverse thrust. To fire your weapon, you can use the K or X keys, and to boost, simply press the spacebar. Additionally, the Z or L keys can be used to hit the brakes and stop your ship while turning slower.

In the early stages of the game, your priority should be collecting energy orbs to grow in size. Although you may initially feel weak, you can still fend off enemies. Keep an eye out for red exclamation marks (!) on your screen, as they indicate incoming enemy fire. As you improve your piloting skills, you can start targeting other players, even larger ones. When you are small, your ship has a high rate of fire and maneuverability, but low health. Close-range combat is your advantage, so approach enemies cautiously, dodge their attacks, and use your boost to get in close for devastating attacks.

As you progress into the mid-game, you will become larger and have better visibility of the map. Utilize this advantage to choose your fights wisely. When under attack, consider flying in reverse to draw your enemy closer. Although your rate of fire may be lower, your shots will deal significant damage. Time your shots for when your opponent is changing direction or unaware of your presence.

In the late game, after reaching size 60, you become a massive presence on the map, visible to all players. It's crucial to keep your back covered and stay near the edges of the play area. Engage enemies at maximum range, taking advantage of your extended field of view. Remember to fly in reverse when necessary, as it can be a powerful tactic even at this stage.

In conclusion, is an exciting IO game that offers a unique dogfighting experience. With the right strategy and piloting skills, you can dominate the leaderboard and achieve the highest score possible. Collect energy orbs, engage in intense battles, and adapt your tactics as you grow in size and power. Good luck, pilot!