IO Games Conquer the Arena and Become the King in this Exciting IO Game

Welcome to the world of, a real-time online multiplayer game that will test your strategic skills and reflexes. In this free IO game, you will embark on a thrilling adventure where you must capture territory, eliminate opponents, and aim to become the ultimate king. Let's dive into the gameplay, controls, and strategies to dominate the arena.


Your journey begins with a snake tail outside your base. To capture territory and expand your domain, you need to enclose hexagons by drawing shapes outside your territory. Close the loop back to your base to capture the enclosed hexagons. The more hexagons you capture, the higher your level, and the faster you become.

But beware! Your opponents won't let you conquer the arena without a fight. As you venture outside your base, you are vulnerable to attacks from other players. Cut their tails to eliminate them and increase your chances of survival.

To make your path to victory easier, there are various bonuses scattered across the map called Totems. These Totems offer significant advantages:
  1. Speed Totem: Grab this totem to boost your speed and outrun your opponents.
  2. Teleport Gate: Instantly teleport near the edge of your territory, allowing for strategic positioning and surprise attacks.
  3. Slowing Totem: Any enemy that ventures into its effect area will be slowed down, giving you an opportunity to strike or escape.
  4. Spy Tower: Gain full visibility on the minimap, enabling you to plan your moves and stay one step ahead of your adversaries.
The objective of is not to capture the entire map but to reach 20% territory control and become the king. Once you achieve this feat, you must defend your crown for three minutes to secure the victory. However, be aware that other players will be alerted to your position and will target you relentlessly. Eliminate them, and they won't be able to respawn, solidifying your dominance.

Controls offers various control options to suit your preference:
  1. Mouse: Use your mouse to aim the snake at your cursor.
  2. Keyboard: Utilize the WASD or arrow keys to change the aim direction. You can also opt for a two-key turning option in the settings.
  3. Mobile: On mobile devices, press and hold to move the snake. You can also choose a virtual joystick in the settings for a more intuitive experience.


  1. Territory Control: Focus on capturing hexagons to increase your level and speed. The more territory you control, the more powerful you become.
  2. Timing is Key: Be strategic with your moves and timing. Capture Totems at opportune moments to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  3. Defensive Maneuvers: When attacked, retreat to your territory for safety. Use your base as a shield and carefully plan your counterattacks.
  4. Target Weak Opponents: Identify players with low levels or weakened states and eliminate them first. This will reduce the overall competition and increase your chances of survival.
  5. Be Aware of the King: If you're not the current king, keep an eye on their location. Target the king to dethrone them and claim the crown for yourself. offers a thrilling and addictive gameplay experience that challenges your strategic thinking and reflexes. Conquer the arena, eliminate opponents, and become the king in this action-packed IO game. Are you ready to embark on this crazy adventure? Play now and prove your worth in the world of territorial domination!