IO Games is an exciting multiplayer iogame where players take on the role of sharks in a giant underwater arena. The objective of the game is to hunt smaller sharks while avoiding being eaten by larger sharks. By eating gems, players can grow in size and use boost to initiate attacks or escape from dangerous situations.

In order to control your shark, simply move your mouse to steer in the desired direction. Press and hold the mouse button, or use the space bar, to activate the boost feature. Boosting allows you to move quickly, but be cautious as it causes you to lose the gems you have collected and your shark will shrink in size. It is best to use the boost strategically when necessary.

When playing, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and the size of other sharks. You can bump into sharks that are the same size as you without losing any gems. This can be utilized to knock sharks of similar size into larger sharks, potentially eliminating them from the game. However, be careful not to hit the edge of the map, as it will instantly destroy your shark. On the other hand, if you manage to knock another shark into the dangerous map edge, it can work to your advantage.

To determine if a shark is a threat, a red triangle will appear above their head. In order for a shark to eat you, they need to have 50% more points than you. As a small shark, it can be beneficial to swim close to larger sharks and be prepared to collect gems from any sharks that get eaten. This allows you to grow faster and increase your chances of survival.

In terms of gameplay, you start as a small shark with 0 points. At this stage, any shark with 1 or more points can eat you. However, having 0 points allows you to boost without any penalties. Points and size are gained by eating gems that are randomly distributed throughout the map. When a shark is eaten, it will drop all the coins it collected in a circle around the area it was eaten. The size of the circle depends on the size of the shark, so if a large shark gets eaten, it presents a great opportunity for surrounding sharks to grow quickly. However, be cautious as it can become crowded with hungry sharks.

There are two types of gems in the game: round gems worth 3 points and fish-shaped gems worth 10 points. The fish-shaped gems are only dropped on the map when a shark is eaten and the maximum amount that can be dropped is 500. Keep an eye out for these valuable gems as they can greatly boost your score.

In the customize menu, players have the option to personalize their shark. Choose your favorite color and pair it with a hat of your choice. Additionally, the accent color of the hat can be customized to make your shark truly unique. With a wide range of hats available, including options such as a spartan, pirate, king, gamer, or viking, you can conquer the sea in style. offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience for all fans of multiplayer iogames. With its simple controls, strategic gameplay, and customization options, players can dive into the underwater world and compete against others to become the biggest and strongest shark in the arena.