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Hex Bois: A Guide to Building an Empire of Hexagons

Welcome to Hex Bois, a fast-paced IO game where you have the opportunity to build an empire of hexagons and defend against other players while destroying their bases. In this article, we will explore the different tiles available in the game and provide some useful tips to help you become a pro player.

The game revolves around strategically building and connecting tiles to create a strong base. Here are the different types of tiles you will come across:
  1. Normal Tiles: These tiles are perfect for attacking other players. They have a maximum health of 5 and are the cheapest tiles available. They are great for building out and exploring other areas of the map.
  2. Generator Tiles: Generators are essential for your hexagonal empire. They produce a small amount of money individually, but if you build enough of them, you will soon amass a fortune. Focus on increasing your income by strategically placing generator tiles.
  3. Core Tiles: Cores are the heart of your base. Each core tile acts as an anchor that connects all your other tiles. It is crucial to build more cores throughout the map and defend them to improve your chances of survival. Additionally, each core boosts the income of all your generators, so prioritize building them as soon as you can afford one.
  4. Wall Tiles: Walls are excellent defense mechanisms for your base. They are tough tiles and provide an inexpensive way to increase your defense. However, keep in mind that wall tiles take time to grow health, so it's advisable to purchase them early on to ensure they are ready when you need them.
Now that you are familiar with the different tiles, let's explore some tips to help you play like a pro:
  1. Protect Your Cores and Generators: As you place more cores or generators, their prices will increase. Therefore, it is essential to prevent them from being destroyed constantly. If you allow them to be destroyed repeatedly, they will eventually become too expensive to replace. Focus on defending your cores and generators to maintain a stable and profitable empire.
  2. Minimize Active Tiles: The number of tiles you currently have is displayed on the leaderboard. Keep in mind that it costs more to attack players with fewer tiles than you. On the other hand, the fewer tiles you have, the more expensive you will be to attack. Be strategic in your tile placement and avoid cluttering the map with unnecessary tiles.
  3. Build at the Edge of the Map: Defense is crucial in Hex Bois, and building at the edge of the map provides an advantage. By having one of your flanks covered, it becomes much easier to defend against attacks. If you build up against the edge or even better, in the corner of the map, there is no way for players to get behind you. However, be aware that these valuable spaces will attract more attention, so be prepared to defend them.
By following these tips and understanding the different tiles and their functionalities, you can become a skilled player in Hex Bois. Remember to prioritize defense, focus on generating income, and strategically plan your tile placement. Build your empire of hexagons, defend against other players, and aim for victory in this exciting IO game!