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In the game Guessing.IO, players will take turns drawing and guessing words. The game is completely free and can be played online, making it easy to connect with friends and create private rooms to play together. Currently available in five languages, the game is continuously expanding to include more languages for players around the world.

To start playing Guessing.IO, one player will be selected to begin drawing. They will have 60 seconds to choose one word from a list of three options and then draw it for the other players to guess. The drawing should be clear and creative, giving hints to the word without making it too obvious.

While drawing, it is important to keep in mind that the number of correct guesses affects the points earned. If more players guess correctly, the drawing player will receive fewer points. However, if no one is able to guess the word, the drawing player will earn zero points. This adds an element of strategy to the game, as players must balance creating a drawing that is challenging enough to earn points but not too difficult that no one can guess it.

When it is your turn to guess, it is beneficial to try and guess the word as quickly as possible. The faster you are able to correctly guess the word, the higher points you will earn. This encourages players to think quickly and make educated guesses based on the drawing and any clues that may be given.

Guessing.IO is an engaging and interactive game that tests your drawing and guessing skills. With the ability to play with friends in private rooms and the inclusion of multiple languages, it is a fun and accessible game for players of all backgrounds. So gather your friends, start drawing, and see who can guess the word first in Guessing.IO!