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Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars: A Medieval Military Strategy IO Game

Feudal Wars is an exciting IO game that takes players back to the Middle Ages, allowing them to experience medieval military strategy firsthand. In this game, you can choose to play as one of the great kingdoms from that era, including France, England, Castile, The Holy Roman Empire, The Teutonic Order, and Venice. Each kingdom comes with its own unique knight unit and special bonuses. For example, English knights deal bonus damage against buildings, and their longbows are exceptionally effective against all units.

The objective of Feudal Wars is to capture all the castles on the map to emerge victorious. The game starts with four players positioned on opposite sides of the map. As the game progresses, you must strategically deploy your knights to capture more castles and expand your territory.

To participate in public ranked games, simply click the find game button. Alternatively, you can play private matches either alone against AI opponents or with your friends. To play with friends, just copy and paste the game room URL that appears after selecting the map in the private match mode.

Playing Feudal Wars

At the beginning of the game, you will have a small army of knights and a castle that can shoot arrows. Your knights will automatically spawn from the castle, and it's your task to utilize them to capture additional castles and generate more knights.

Gold is a valuable resource in Feudal Wars. You earn a small amount of gold over time for each castle you own and for each enemy unit you eliminate. Use your gold wisely to purchase various buildings such as walls, barracks, archery ranges, stables, watch towers, and more castles. Each building serves a different purpose and can contribute to your strategic advantage. For instance, archery ranges produce archer units, which excel against infantry, while stables spawn cavalry, which are effective against archers.

Feudal Wars Strategy

To achieve victory, you must capture all the castles on the map. However, castles also increase the size of your army. For instance, if you have only one castle, your army can consist of a maximum of 20 units. But with two castles, you can have an army of up to 40 units. Capturing castles not only expands your territory but also strengthens your military power.

Understanding the rock-paper-scissors system of unit counters is crucial in Feudal Wars. If your opponent focuses on building cavalry units, it's wise to construct multiple barracks that produce polearm units capable of countering cavalry effectively.

For effective defense against archers, consider placing watch towers behind walls. Archers deal minimal damage to buildings, so this strategy serves as an effective countermeasure. Additionally, cavalry units have a significant advantage against archers.

Most buildings in Feudal Wars can be upgraded, enhancing their capabilities. Look for the little blue icon with a white arrow to initiate upgrades. For example, upgrading a barracks will produce stronger polearm units. It's advisable to upgrade when you reach the maximum population limit, currently set at 100. Sometimes, having fewer but stronger units can be more advantageous than having numerous weaker units. Be strategic in deciding when and how much to upgrade.

In the early stages of the game, prioritize building more units rather than focusing on upgrades. This approach allows you to amass a larger army quickly, giving you an advantage over your opponents.

Feudal Wars Controls

To navigate the game effectively, familiarize yourself with the controls:
  • Drag-click over units to select them.
  • Right-click on the map to move selected units.
  • Right-click enemies to initiate attacks with your selected units.
  • Press the tab key to view the current players in the game and their statuses.
  • Press CTRL-A to select all available military units.
  • Use CTRL-# to assign the currently selected units to a control group. This way, you can easily reselect that group by pressing the respective number key. For instance, you could assign all your archers to CTRL-1 and select them again by pressing 1.
  • Double-clicking a unit will select all units of that type within the camera's view.
Feudal Wars offers an immersive experience of medieval military strategy in an IO game format. With its unique kingdoms, unit bonuses, and strategic gameplay, it provides endless hours of excitement and challenge. Step into the Middle Ages and conquer the Feudal Wars!