IO Games is an exciting cooperative multiplayer rogue-like io game that will test your skills and teamwork. In this harsh world, you'll need to evade dangerous enemies and rescue friends along the way. To strengthen yourself, you have two special abilities at your disposal, including invisibility and teleportation.

To start playing, simply head right using the arrow keys or WASD to move. You can activate abilities 1 and 2 by pressing Z and X, or you can use J and K as alternatives. As you progress, you can upgrade your speed, energy, regeneration, ability 1, and ability 2 by using the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively. It's important to note that you'll need to create an account to unlock heroes.

During gameplay, keep an eye on the blue bar above your head, as it represents your energy. Collecting pellets will grant you experience points and allow you to level up. Spend your points wisely on upgrades to enhance your abilities. Hovering your cursor over the icons will provide you with information about the abilities you can unlock.

Rescuing dead players is a crucial part of the game, so make sure to touch them before the timer runs out. Pressing H will hide the hero info card, V will hide the chat, M will hide the map, and G will change the map view. Holding shift will slow down your movement, which can be particularly useful when dealing with crowded enemy areas.

Here are some valuable tips to help you succeed in
  1. Remember, you only have one life. If an enemy touches you, you'll go down. However, a teammate can save you if they touch you before the timer runs out.
  2. Explore the different worlds by using the light blue areas in area 1 as portals.
  3. Have some fun in Stellar Square, an arena where you can freeze your friends by throwing snowballs at them.
  4. Utilize the shift key to control your speed, especially when facing numerous enemies.
  5. Press enter to start typing in the chat and enter again to send your message.
  6. Teamwork is key, so make friends with your teammates as they can save you when needed.
  7. Be cautious of wall enemies, as they can prevent you from hugging the wall for protection.
  8. Defeating a new region will unlock a new hero for you to play as.
  9. Hide the hero card to improve visibility of enemies at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Start by playing Central Core and Monumental Migration, as these are the easiest regions to beat and will help you get on the hall of fame.
  11. Aim for a bronze, silver, or gold crown by reaching the top 25, top 10, or top 3 respectively.
  12. The hall of fame resets and crowns are awarded every Sunday at 4pm EST.
  13. Keep in mind that the world of Evades changes weekly, offering new challenges and experiences.
  14. Join the Discord community by clicking on the discord icon on the homepage. It's a friendly community where you can get updates and interact with other players.
  15. Don't forget to check out the regular streams by the game's main developers, Micreox and Stovoy, on Twitch.
If you're experiencing lag or sudden frame drops, try connecting your ethernet for a more stable internet connection. is a real-time multiplayer game running at 30 fps, so a reliable connection is necessary for a smooth experience. If you're still experiencing lag, report it in the bug-reports channel on the Discord server. The developers will work on fixing the issue as quickly as possible.

If you encounter a black screen or the game doesn't load, try using Chrome or Safari as these browsers are known to work well with the game. Enjoy your journey through the challenging world of and strive to become a hero whose name graces the Hall of Fame!