IO Games is an exciting team-based top-down shooter game set in space. In this game, players can join either the red or blue team and engage in intense battles to defend or steal the gem, or plant and defuse the bomb. However, if annihilation is more your style, you can always just focus on eliminating the enemy team as a path to victory. As you score kills and secure team victories, you will earn cash that can be used to purchase different ships and modifications for the next round.

To start playing DarkNova, simply press 'H' at any time to bring up the help menu. Use the WASD keys to move your ship, while your ship will aim towards your mouse pointer. It is highly recommended to use a mouse for better control and precision. Press 'P' to open the shop, which is only available at the start of each round. The shop offers various upgrades and items, and hotkeys are available within the shop to help you shop quickly. Additionally, pressing 'F11' on your keyboard will activate the browser hotkey for full-screen mode, enhancing your immersion in the game and giving you an edge. If you are playing through a different website portal, it is advisable to visit for a true fullscreen experience.

When it comes to strategy in DarkNova, it's important to value your life. If you die, you will become a spectator for the rest of the round, so be cautious when assaulting the enemy team. Playing as a team and coordinating attacks can be highly effective, but if you prefer a more stealthy approach, try sneaking up behind your enemies and staying in their blind spots.

Remember, in the game, attacking doesn't necessarily require killing the entire enemy team. Your objective may be to sneak in, retrieve the gem, and safely return it to your base. This requires a combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork.

To gain an advantage over your opponents, consider purchasing ships that counter their playstyle. Different ships excel on different maps, so adapt your strategy and ship selection accordingly. If you find yourself low on money, hang back and scavenge for modifications dropped by defeated players. These modifications can provide temporary boosts to your ship's performance, giving you an edge in battle. offers an immersive and action-packed gameplay experience. With its strategic elements, intense battles, and customizable ships, it's a game that will keep you engaged and entertained. So, join the fight in space, choose your team, and dominate the battlefield in!