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In, the main objective is to collect points by gathering apples and diamonds scattered across the map. Apples can be used to restore health, while diamonds provide more experience. As you level up, your character's ability to collect resources increases, but you also become slower and more vulnerable to attacks.

One unique feature of is the ability to scatter dynamite pieces, shoot arrows, attack with a sword, shoot fireballs, and use other weapons to destroy your rivals. By defeating opponents, you can steal their experience points and restore your health. This adds an element of strategy and competition to the game, as the top player becomes the target for other players.

To add more excitement, you can also blow up your own checker in You can throw up to three dynamite pieces at once, but you can only throw a new one after one of them explodes. Different helmets, such as wooden, iron, gold, diamond, and trolley, can be worn or used to provide additional protection.

To maximize your points, it is important to keep an eye on the map edges where apples and eggs frequently appear. These resources are usually fought over in the center of the map, so exploring the outskirts can help you collect a larger harvest of points.

In terms of gameplay, Steve moves towards the cursor, attacks with the left mouse button, and accelerates with the right mouse button.

When it comes to strategy, the best approach is to target the biggest players and blow them up. However, as you become larger, you also become a target for other players. Therefore, it is crucial to constantly assess the situation and make calculated moves to stay alive and collect points. offers a thrilling and competitive gaming experience where resource collection, weapon usage, and strategic decision-making play a vital role in achieving victory. So dive into the game, gather resources, battle enemies, and strive to become the top player in this team-based survivor game.