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Crazy Conquer the Universe as the Void

Crazy is an exciting new io game that offers a unique twist on the genre. Instead of just existing within a galaxy, you have the opportunity to become the galaxy itself. In this cosmic adventure, you will embark on a mission to dominate the universe by consuming other galaxies. Why fear the void when you can become the void?

The objective of Crazy is simple yet challenging – eat other galaxies to grow larger and more powerful. As you navigate through the vastness of space, your primary goal is to suck up asteroids and smaller planetary bodies to gain mass. This mass will be your key to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

One fascinating aspect of the game is the difference in effects between cosmic debris and celestial bodies. Each piece of cosmic debris or celestial body you consume will have a distinct impact on your gameplay. For example, devouring an asteroid will provide you with a different effect compared to consuming a star. The more you eat, the more powerful you become, increasing your chances of triggering the ultimate event – the big bang.

The big bang occurs when all players have devoured the surrounding star systems, leading to a thrilling climax in the game. It signifies the culmination of your efforts and showcases your dominance over the entire universe. It's a true testament to your strategic skills and voracious appetite.

Crazy is not just about consuming everything in sight. It is also an arena game where survival is key. You win if you manage to outlive your opponents, but if you perish, you lose your chance of re-entering the game. This adds an element of fairness and intensity to the gameplay, making every decision and move crucial.

To control your galaxy, simply click on it and drag it across the cosmic expanse. Use the space button to speed up your movement, allowing you to traverse the universe more efficiently. Additionally, eating red asteroids will grant you the valuable speed up skill, enhancing your abilities and making you a formidable force.

Stars play a vital role in your journey towards dominance. Consuming stars will not only increase your size but also contribute to your overall strength. The larger you grow, the more galaxies you can devour, inching closer to witnessing the awe-inspiring Big Bang event.

Crazy offers an exhilarating battle royale experience set in the vastness of space. It challenges your strategic thinking, reflexes, and ability to adapt to different scenarios. Will you be able to conquer the universe and become the ultimate cosmic force, or will you be consumed by the void? The choice is yours.

Enter the cosmic arena of Crazy today and embark on an epic journey to devour all galaxies and trigger the magnificent Big Bang!