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Bunk.Town: A Guide to Surviving the Pandemic and Reaching the Bunkfort Bunker

Welcome to Bunk.Town, a thrilling multiplayer survival game set in a town devastated by a deadly pandemic. In this IO game, your ultimate goal is to survive, earn money, and hopefully gain entry into the famous Bunkfort Bunker. To help you on your journey, we have compiled a comprehensive guide filled with useful information and strategies.
  1. Earning Money:
    As a new player, it's important to earn money quickly to secure your survival. There are several ways to do this: pick up trash scattered around the town or kill chickens to collect their loot. These activities will provide you with the initial funds needed to get started.
  2. Survival Essentials:
    Once you have some money, head to the supermarket located on the top-left side of the map. Here, you can purchase beverages and food necessary for your survival. Remember, staying nourished and hydrated is crucial in this challenging environment.
  3. Advanced Money-Making Strategies:
    To earn more money and progress further in the game, consider the following strategies:
    • Collect valuable items scattered around the map and sell them for a profit.
    • Engage in battles with non-playable characters (NPCs) and other players to earn rewards and loot.
    • Take on challenging bosses located throughout the map. Defeating them will grant you access to special rare items, which can be sold for a significant profit.
  4. Mastering the Controls:
    Understanding the controls is essential for success in Bunk.Town. To navigate the game, use the AWSD keys on your keyboard. Left-click your mouse to attack or use items. Utilize the SPACE key to dash, and Q/E/Scroll to switch between different items. Press B to buy items, and manage your inventory by using your mouse to drag and drop items.
  5. Saving Your Progress:
    Bunk.Town features an autosave function that saves your progress when you close the game. However, please note that this save is unique to your browser. If you wish to maintain the same progress across different browsers, visit the Bunkfort Safes, located above the hospital, to save your items in a public safe. You can then retrieve them in another browser to continue your adventure seamlessly.
  6. Important Map Locations:
    Apart from the Bunkfort Bunker, there are several other crucial locations you should be aware of:
    • The Supermarket: Located on the top-left side of the map, the supermarket sells essential supplies and food at affordable prices.
    • The Hospital: Situated near the bottom-left of the map, the hospital provides a safe place to heal from the virus and recover your health.
    • The Bunkfort Safes: Positioned just above the hospital, these safes allow you to store excess items or transfer them to a different browser.
    • The Police Force HQ: Found on the right side of the map, this location grants access only to players with enough Vigilante Badges, which can be obtained by attacking criminals.
  7. Important Items:
    In Bunk.Town, there are four types of masks, each capable of preventing infection from a specific level of the virus:
    • Surgical Mask: Protects against level 1 virus infection.
    • N95 Mask: Provides defense against level 2 virus infection.
    • 3M Respirator: Guards against level 3 virus infection.
    • Gas Mask: Shields against level 4 virus infection.
Additionally, Vigilante Badges represent your reputation in the game and can be obtained by attacking criminals. These badges cannot be dropped from your inventory and will be lost upon death.

By utilizing the strategies and information provided in this guide, you are well-equipped to navigate the challenging world of Bunk.Town. Survive, earn money, and strive to gain entry into the prestigious Bunkfort Bunker. Good luck on your journey!