IO Games

In, the objective is simple - bite and eat to win the game. The game, developed by Clown Games, features a funny-themed environment where players control their characters using the mouse. The goal is to become the biggest biter by biting other players and consuming cookies to grow and heal.

To play, you need to control your character using the mouse. Use the space bar or left click to bite your enemies. Biting is the main action in the game, and it is essential for defeating your opponents. Additionally, you can use the right click of the mouse or press W to dash and bite.

Dashing is a useful move in as it allows you to quickly escape from your enemies. By dashing away, you can avoid getting bitten and increase your chances of survival. However, dashing consumes stamina, which is represented by a water bar. To replenish your stamina, you need to drink water.

Water is crucial in as it not only fills your stamina bar but also enables you to dash whenever you want. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your water level and make sure you stay hydrated to have an advantage in the game.

The strategy in revolves around biting as many players as possible. The more players you bite, the more points you gain, and the closer you get to becoming the biggest biter. However, it is also essential to know when to run away from your enemies. If you find yourself outnumbered or low on health, dashing away can be a smart move to avoid defeat.

In conclusion, is an entertaining io game with a unique concept. The objective of the game is to bite and eat to become the biggest biter. By controlling your character with the mouse, you can bite your enemies, dash to escape, and drink water to replenish your stamina. With strategic gameplay and the right timing, you can dominate the game and emerge victorious. So, jump into the world of and show off your biting skills!