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Battlz.Club: The Ultimate Guide to Dominating the Exclusive Fighting Club

Welcome to Battlz.Club, the thrilling io game that transports you to an exclusive fighting club for special members. In this intense battle arena, players engage in close quarters combat, aiming to steal as many souls as possible. The more souls you collect, the faster you'll advance in rank and title. With our expert guide, you'll learn all the strategies and tips to become a skilled member and climb to the top of the elite member ranking in Battlz.Club.

Controls and Gameplay Mechanics

To fully immerse yourself in the action of Battlz.Club, it's best to play with a mouse. However, if you only have a trackpad, don't worry – the game is designed to accommodate both options. The Z/X or >/? keys function as right and left clicks, allowing you to play with ease using either hand on the trackpad.

Knocking Back Opponents and Collecting Souls

One of the primary objectives in Battlz.Club is to knock back other players and redeem their souls. When you successfully hit an opponent, they will be pushed backward. Your goal is to strategically position them in the path of fireballs, which will then eliminate them, granting you their soul. However, if an opponent survives your attack, don't fret! Their damage meter will increase, making them fly even farther upon the next hit.

Utilizing Energy Orbs

Scattered throughout the map, you'll find energy orbs that play a crucial role in your gameplay. These orbs replenish your dash meter, granting you the ability to perform a dash attack. While a dash attack may not deal as much damage as a regular attack, it has the advantage of pushing your opponent back even further. You can use this tactic to finish off a weakened foe or to escape from a fireball closing in on you. Mastering the effective use of energy orbs will give you a strategic edge over your opponents.

Climbing the Ranks

In Battlz.Club, the key to advancing in rank and title lies in collecting souls. The larger your current 'Soul Streak' becomes, the more experience you'll earn for each soul you collect. This means that skilled members who maintain a high Soul Streak will progress more quickly through the ranks. So, put your combat skills to the test, collect souls, and strive to achieve an unbeatable Soul Streak to dominate the elite member ranking of Battlz.Club.


Battlz.Club offers an exhilarating experience as you join an exclusive fighting club and engage in intense close quarters combat. By mastering the art of knocking back opponents, strategically utilizing energy orbs, and collecting souls to increase your Soul Streak, you'll quickly rise through the ranks of this thrilling io game. So, grab your mouse or trackpad, dive into the action, and show the world how high you can climb in the elite member ranking of Battlz.Club!