IO Games is an exciting multiplayer 2D shooter game that offers a unique gaming experience. With its fully destructible map, players engage in intense battles against other teams and players to secure victory. The game features various maps and game modes, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience.

One of the standout features of is the wide range of weapons available. With over 20 different weapons to unlock, players can arm themselves with powerful tools of destruction as they progress in the game. By gaining XP points, players can unlock new weapons and enhance their arsenal.

In larger maps, players have the option to utilize vehicles such as jeeps and tanks. The jeep allows for quick travel across the map and even allows a teammate to shoot at enemies from the passenger seat. On the other hand, the heavily armored tank boasts a powerful tank turret that shoots exploding rockets. However, players must be cautious of the long reload time.

All guns and players in behave the same, but players can influence their behavior by selecting unlockable perks. These perks can increase weapon damage, health amount, weapon switch speed, reload speed, running speed, and other stats. This allows players to create unique weapon and perk combinations that suit their preferred gameplay style.

Effective communication is essential in team-based battles, and offers a useful emoji wheel for players to communicate with their teammates. By summoning the emoji wheel with a right mouse click, players can convey messages regardless of language barriers. Coins earned in the game can unlock and purchase new emotes to enhance communication.

The game also includes a leaderboard system that tracks daily, weekly, and all-time statistics. By creating an account to save XP and progress, players can compete with others on the leaderboards, adding a competitive element to the game.

In the in-game store, players can use earned coins or purchased gems to acquire new hats and emotes to customize their character. Coins are earned through gameplay and gaining XP, while gems can be purchased separately. offers fully remappable controls, allowing players to customize their preferred keybindings. W, A, S, and D keys control character movement, while the mouse is used for aiming and shooting. R is used to reload, E to enter vehicles, and the number keys or mouse scroll to switch weapons. The M or Tab key enlarges the map screen for better strategic planning. Additionally, holding space while driving a car enables the DRIFT mode, adding a fun element to gameplay.

For players looking for an edge in battles, here are some pro tips:
    1. Take advantage of the fully destructible environment. Use RPGs to defeat tanks and break down metal walls for alternative entrances.

    2. Grenades may not deal significant damage to vehicles, but they are highly effective against other players.

    3. Support your teammates by dropping ammo packs and health packs. They will likely return the favor and help you in return.

    4. The repair gun can also be used to deconstruct walls, providing additional tactical options.

    5. Perks can be stacked, meaning that having two of the same perk will double its effect. Experiment with different perk combinations to optimize your gameplay.

    6. Pay attention to the name and description of the game mode displayed at the start of each match for a better understanding of the objective.

    7. Removing ads in the game and adding emojis to your in-game display name can be achieved by purchasing any amount of gems.

    Mobile support for is also in the works, allowing players to enjoy the game on their smartphones and tablets.
Overall, offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience with its destructible maps, extensive weapon selection, customizable perks, and communication features. Whether playing solo or with a team, the game provides hours of entertainment and strategic gameplay.