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BUILDROYALE.IO The Ultimate Battle Royale IO Game is a thrilling 2D shooter IO game that combines the excitement of battle royale gameplay with the strategic element of building structures. In this game, your objective is to outlast and eliminate all your opponents to be the last one standing. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you build, break, and loot your way to victory.

Getting Started

To navigate the game effectively, familiarize yourself with the controls. Interact with ground items and chests by pressing the E or F key. Left-click to shoot your weapon and eliminate enemies. Right-click allows you to scope, providing a better view of enemies from a distance. Toggle build mode by pressing Q, which enables you to construct walls for protection. Use the Space key to jump over obstacles and walls, and Shift to sprint. Reload your weapon by pressing R. Press Tab to view and manage your inventory, and M to access the map and strategize for the closing zone.

Weapons offers a wide range of weapons with varying rarities. Gray weapons are common, green weapons are uncommon, blue weapons are rare, purple weapons are epic, and gold weapons are legendary. Eliminating opponents allows you to loot their weapons and upgrade your inventory. Shotguns are highly effective at close range, unleashing a barrage of bullets. SMGs fire rapidly but have limited range. The Scar and AR-15 are excellent medium-range weapons, with the latter boasting higher accuracy. The Scoped Assault Rifle is perfect for dealing damage at medium to long-range, thanks to its extended scoping radius. The Rifle has a devastating three-shot capacity, making it ideal for long-range combat. Lastly, the Bolt offers a single, immensely powerful shot, but requires reloading before firing again. Remember, building structures can be a lifesaver when bullets are flying towards you.


As you enter the game, you'll start in a lobby where you can practice building with 100 units of each material, engage in sports like soccer or basketball, and interact with other players. Once enough players have joined, the actual match begins, and you'll be randomly placed on the map. Your initial task is to gear up by opening chests and picking up floor loot, while also gathering materials. Wood can be obtained from trees, tables, and chairs, while rocks provide brick. Metal, the rarest and most effective material, can only be found in a few locations. Keep an eye on the map (press M) as the red storm gradually closes in. Being caught in the storm inflicts damage, which increases as the game progresses. Stock up on healing items to recover from enemy attacks or storm damage. With a combination of building and shooting skills, you can emerge victorious or secure a commendable second or third place. Are you ready to become a Master Builder?

Spread the Word has been an ambitious project, and your support is greatly appreciated. Share the game with your friends and let them experience the thrill and excitement of this unique battle royale IO game. Get ready to build, break, and eliminate opponents in your quest for victory!