IO Games

Automeme is an exciting IO game where players can place their meme characters and watch them fight against other memes. It is a unique autobattler meme mashup that offers a fun and engaging gameplay experience.

In, up to 10 players can join a room, and the game starts automatically after a while. Before the match begins, each player has a couple of seconds to pick a card from a pool of random cards. Once a card is picked, it goes to another player until all cards have been chosen. This prematch phase adds an element of strategy as players must carefully select their cards.

The planning phase is where the player does the most. Players are assigned in pairs, and the main goal is to place heroes on the board by dragging their cards to the blue zone. Each card requires mana to place, and the mana limit increases with each turn played. The shop is also available during the planning phase, where players can buy cards by dragging them to their hand. Once all cards in the shop have been bought, a new batch becomes available. There is also an item shop where players can buy items to enhance their hero cards.

Once both players are ready, the battle phase begins. The hero placements from the planning phase are placed on both opponents' boards, and the heroes fight each other. The winner of the battle receives coins, while the loser receives fewer coins and their health is decreased. Battles can also end in a draw, resulting in little damage to both players. If a player's health reaches zero or below, they are eliminated from the game. The last player alive is declared the winner.

In, players have the opportunity to level up their memes. By obtaining three cards of the same meme, they can be merged into one of a higher rank. The highest rank is three, and this leveling up mechanic adds a strategic element to the gameplay.

After a few battles, there is an auction phase where players can bid on higher-ranked meme cards. The winner of the auction pays the amount they bid, while other bidders do not pay anything. This auction adds another layer of strategy as players must decide how much they are willing to bid for a desired card.

After being eliminated from the game, players become spectators and can watch the battles that follow. This allows eliminated players to still be engaged in the game and observe the strategies of the remaining players.

Overall, is an addictive and entertaining IO game that combines the fun of memes with autobattler gameplay. With its unique mechanics and strategic elements, it offers a refreshing and enjoyable gaming experience for players of all levels. So, gather your meme characters, upgrade them, and let them battle it out against other memes in!